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What is backlog accounting

A backlog is a buildup of work that should be done. The term "backlog" has a number of utilizations in accounting and finance. It may, for example, refer to an organization's sales orders waiting to be filled or a stack of financial paperwork, for example, loan applications, that needs to be processed.

Benefits in Updating of Backlog Accounts

Simple Audit Process

As all the earlier details would be accessible to the auditor, updating of backlog accounts will simplify it for them to audit the firm. It will also help the auditor make a comparison with the past information obtained by the business and to draw a trend line for the organization.

Supports Decision Making

Reports drawn from the accounts will assist the organization to make tactic decisions for the benefit of the company. With an immense cash balance, it can opt for investing in any project or with a low cash balance, it can avail facilities to guarantee that the business runs smoothly.

Better Management of Cash Flow

Updating of backlog accounts will give the management insights as to how the association managed to handle and advantage from the funds and studying from it so they could better manage the funds of the organization in the present scenario.

Saves Time

In the event that there is a failure in updating backlog accounts which results in financial statements of the organization being unavailable, the administration doesn't need to waste the valuable resources producing the data for the prior duration in order to be able to compare them with the most recent reports. Which could disrupt the entirety of the company’s critical production cycles?

Data Retrieval Made Easy

In the event that a certified accountant has been updating backlog accounts and its updated, it will become more convenient for the management of the business to sort out the earlier information in case they decide to chart a trend line or perform analysis on the preferences of the clients.

Prevents Data Duplication

Failure in updating of backlog accounts makes it feasible for small scale industries to miss recording certain transactional information. At this point in time, the association might think like it doesn't have to record the entry however might require it later. Later, while updating backlog accounts, any duplicate entry is immediately eliminated.

We offer updating of backlog accounting services to our clients.

  • Balance sheet
  • Comparative report on expenses
  • Breakeven point calculation.
  • Sales and expenses comparison report.
  • Profit & loss account statement.
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Accounts receivable/ payable aging report.
  • Financial proportion analysis.
  • Working capital analysis

Why us

As one of the leading accounting and Auditing consultants, we provide all types of backlog accounting services in Dubai, UAE. Our team of a well experienced experts and fully equipped with the knowledge and technical expertise to assist our clients with minimal cost.