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    Trustworthy Educational Consultancy
    The origin of the “Abdulla Al Marzooqi Chartered Accountants” (AMCA).
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    Abdulla Al Marzooqi Chartered Accountants, Dubai
    Established primarily as an auditing firm, AMCA’s commitment to excellence and in-depth knowledge of the industry has helped us in establishing ourselves as a pioneer in the field. Along with this emerge, the company’s three pillars are likewise being launched which are Integrity, Confidentiality, and Timely.
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    Trustworthy Human Welfare Foundation
    Through AMCA’s drive to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a free education was provided to the unprivileged children, for AMCA believes that they are the leaders of tomorrow. The children are furnished with the career counselling sessions in which the children will be given to develop their passion and to discover the profession they are dreaming to be in the future.
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    AMCA Accounting & Business Advisors DMCC
    The company's first expansion took place in DMCC and was named "Accounting & Business Advisors." Audit and Assurance, Accounting and Bookkeeping, VAT Consulting, Advisory Services, Business Set-up, and Liquidation are among the services provided by AMCA to its clients.
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    Abdulla Al Marzooqi Chartered Accountants, Abu Dhabi
    The company's second expansion took place in Abu Dhabi, and it was named after its original name.
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    AMCA Data Analytics & IT Solutions, Dubai
    Aiming to expand the expertise of AMCA in the field of Information Technology, AMCA started offering its very new services to its clients such as Data Analytics and IT Solutions. It aims to assists its clients in terms of Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Corporate Branding, Graphic Designing, Business Strategy, Business Intelligence, Risk Analytics, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Data Analysis, and other related works.
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    AMCA Auditing & Tax Consulting, Oman
    AMCA intends to extend its experience to the other part of Middle East, OMAN, in the upcoming year(s).
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