The authorities require liquidation reports before a trading license can be canceled. In a Liquidation Report, the assets and obligations of the company are outlined. In addition, all financial records of the company must be accessible to the liquidator. The liquidation proceeds as cash are converted to assets, creditors are paid, or the corporation handles the remaining obligations. Liquidation audits ensure the data accuracy and completeness of support distribution. When a business ceases operation and cancels its license in each respective region, all the DED, JAFZA, DAFZA and DMCC require a final liquidation audit report.

What is a liquidator’s report?

Suppose a vendor is involved in the purchase or sale of an organization. In that case, he has a vast degree of power that enables him to evaluate what association resources should be offered to settle the organization's obligations.

In addition to following the company's lead, the liquidator meets the deadline for collecting all paperwork, informs the authorities, settles all claims against the company, meets the directors, and prepares the liquidator's reports on the reasons behind the company's winding up. Also, the liquidator will report incidents of misconduct or unlawful behavior to the Secretary of State / Official Receiver and recommend any further action or investigation.

The report will contain undervalued or preference payment transactions that may have contributed to the organization's poor financial status. Moreover, the liquidator's report should include a summary of the organization's activities, a detailed account of its trip into bankruptcy, and a conclusion regarding whether directors were responsible at any point in the past three years.

How can AMCA assist you?

AMCA Company Liquidators are among the top liquidators in Dubai. You can rely on us to assist you with creating a report on liquidation and submitting it to the appropriate authority.

Our liquidation service also includes liquidation documents, utility cancellations, clearance certificates, bank account closures, no liability certificates, audited financial statements for liquidation, and a final liquidation report so that the liquidation process goes smoothly.

We offer liquidation services for companies on the mainland, in free zones, and offshore throughout the United Arab Emirates.

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