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UAE Reduces Penalties on VAT and Excise TAX

In order to help people better cope with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UAE has reduced old penalties on value-added t...

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by Mohammad Sharique Nadeem 16 Jun 2021


Clearing companies with TINCO account can be use the TINCE registration form to apply for suspension of the Excise Tax due....

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by Mariem Modusser 10 May 2021

DMCC Audit Report Deadline 2020

Audit firms in DMCC, Dubai. According to the DMCC Approved Auditors Rules, the Audit Report, known as AFS, must be submitted by ...

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by Shefeek Kiliyil Kareem 24 Sep 2020

The Unexpected Visitors

Everyone is cheering for another year and looking forward to another chapter of their lives. People are expecting to drink a cup...

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by Gladys Sorima 30 Aug 2020

Looking for RAKEZ Approved Auditors

A decent and promising spot with little to zero guideline is always the best and the most favorable choice to start on a busines...

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by Madan Bikram Shah 29 Aug 2020

Origin and Evolution of Auditing

The meaning of auditing has changed a lot since then until now. If there is what is called the evolution of humans, there is lik...

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by Weyna Marie Bautista Zuleta 27 Aug 2020

How to liquidate a company?

Appointment of a liquidator is the first step while closing down a business. A liquidation firm overlooks the whole process of l...

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by Ejaz Alam 18 Jul 2020

Accounting Services in UAE

Accounting is a process of recording, measuring, and communicating information about financial transactions. Normally, the word ...

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by Md. Sajjad Khan 28 Apr 2020

How to Correct a VAT Error?

As humans, it is inherent for us to make mistakes – be it committing a small error or getting lost on how things should be done....

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by Mohammad Sharique Nadeem 23 Apr 2020

Importance of Accounting in Business

In the world of business, it is very common for us to hear that accounting plays a vital role as this gives the stakeholders a g...

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by Renz Cyril C. Ibanez 15 Mar 2020

VAT Registration in UAE

Value Added Tax has been implemented in the UAE last 1st January 2018. With this, businesses need to consider whether they are r...

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by Mohammad Sharique Nadeem 18 Feb 2020

External Audits Dubai, UAE

An external audit is an independent examination of the financial statements prepared by the organisation. It is an examination o...

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by Neda Naeem 09 Feb 2020

VAT Could Mean Higher Costs for Banking Services

Indications from the new tax law announced last week point to a system that UAE banks and financial institutions will have both ...

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by Mohammad Sharique Nadeem 05 Sep 2017

FTA Mandated to Audit Tax Compliance in the UAE

FTA mandated to audit tax compliance in the UAE. The tax audit will take place during the authority's regular operating hours....

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by Mohammad Sharique Nadeem 05 Sep 2017

Small Firms Need to be Sticklers at Book-Keeping

The importance of maintaining proper accounting records by SMEs cannot be overstated. Yet many entrepreneurs and business owners...

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by Renz Cyril C. Ibanez 04 Aug 2016