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Tax Residence Certificate in Dubai

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Tax Residence Certificate is the document issued by the government to organizations and individuals inside UAE for as a minimum 1 year of validity for establishing their tax residence and thereby to take benefit of agreements of double taxation avoidance on income signed by the UAE

Benefits of obtaining this certificate

There are various advantages of obtaining tax domicile or tax residency certificates in UAE. These include the following:

  • Ultimate and final proof of tax residency of establishment/individual in the country of residence.
  • Mainland and free zone companies may utilize tax residency tax/domicile certificates benefits.
  • Helps companies/people bypass instances of double taxation.
  • Displays individual/corporate status in UAE and help in avoiding income taxes.
  • Removes tax hurdles for exports and imports.
  • Promotes worldwide business by boosting inter-country relationships.
  • Both individuals and corporates are eligible for acquiring this certificate.
  • Individuals and Corporates may have separate certificates obtained for different countries.

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Requirements to obtain the Tax Residency Certificate

  • Valid passport and visa copies gave at least before 180 days of expiration
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Six-month UAE bank statement (ought to stamped by the bank)
  • Valid proof of income in the UAE. at least three months before the application
  • Immigration report
  • Tenancy agreement or title deed
  • Payment for the application expenses of AED 2,000 + AED 3 through the e-Dirham card

For organizations, there are also certain requirements that they need to meet before they can acquire a Tax Residency Certificate. An organization can't just request for the certificate without checking. If they qualify since their application may dismissed if they do not follow the needed requirements. The following is the list of the conditions that companies are required to fulfill:

Documents Required - For Companies:

  • Copy of the company’s valid trade license
  • Valid residence permit
  • Tenancy agreement or title deed certified copy vat in UAE
  • Physical office space not a flexi desk
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of visa and Emirates ID of the company Director/Manager
  • Certified audit report
  • Application charges of AED 10,000 + AED 10 should paid by the applicant through e-Dirham Card