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AMCA is one of the best audit and accounting firm in Dubai. We provide FTA compliant VAT Return Filing Services in Dubai. AMCA has a team of tax experts that can provide you support and guidance in filing your VAT return. We will assist you in filing your VAT return. At the end of each tax period, VAT registered organizations or the ‘taxable persons’ should submit a ‘VAT return’ to Federal Tax Authority (FTA). A VAT return summarize the value of the supplies and purchases a taxable individual has made during the tax period, and shows the taxable person’s VAT liability.

Liability of VAT

The obligation of VAT is the difference between the output tax payable (VAT charged on supplies of goods and services) for a given tax period and the input tax recoverable for the same tax period. Where the output tax surpasses the input tax amount, the distinction should be paid to FTA. Where the input tax surpasses the output tax, a taxable person will have the excess input tax recovered; he will be entitled to set this off against subsequent payment due to FTA.

How to file VAT return?

Any taxable person in the UAE can file its VAT return utilizing the online portal made accessible on the website of the FTA. The person filing the tax return should initially access the Form VAT201 by logging into the e-services of the FTA online portal by entering respective username/ email address and password. Our group of tax professionals would help you in finishing the entire form and in filing the return by the date specified by the FTA.

When are businesses required to file VAT return?

Taxable organizations must file VAT returns with FTA on a consistently and usually within 28 days of the end of the ‘tax period’ as defined for each kind of business. A ‘tax period’ is a particular period of time for which the payable tax shall be determined and paid. The standard tax period is:

  • quarterly for organizations with an annual turnover below AED 150 million
  • monthly for organizations with an annual turnover of AED 150 million or more

The FTA may, at its choice, allot a different tax period for particular kind of businesses. Failure to file a tax return within the predetermined time frame will make the violator obligated for fines according to the provisions of Cabinet Resolution No. 40 of 2017 on Administrative Penalties for Violations of Tax Laws in the UAE.