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Toward the start of 2018, the Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced by the government in the UAE. A five percent (5%) will be applied on all the taxable transactions for various goods and services according to the Ministry of Finance. The utilization of public infrastructure and services will likewise be included on this. Since the day of this VAT implementation, a lot of things has troubling the individuals about it. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) had issued lots of clarification and guidelines to clear the issues about this VAT implementation.

Be assured that your business will be following the VAT legislation in a proper manner, with the assistance of a professional VAT consultants in UAE.

UAE Vat Law

To comply with the implemented UAE VAT Law, businesses are mandated to file their VAT which is essentially gathered by the VAT Registered Business on government’s behalf.

Choosing the right consultant in Dubai will definitely help one’s business to be well-prepared for the VAT filing. The rules and regulations constantly get updated and most of the business owners are not aware of these changes which lead them to file their VAT ineffectively. To solve this problem, businesses really need the help of VAT consultants for the most efficient plans in the filing of taxes. The VAT consultants offer their helping hands from the pre-assessment to registration and furthermore to the assortment of assets. They have been assisting the businesses to observe the VAT Rules and VAT Regulations in the UAE.

A VAT consultant provides great help to the business owners in terms of administering with the agreements for VAT payments or securing a tax residency certificate to avoid double taxation. Hiring a VAT Consultant can offer a lot of benefits to an organization such as the following:

  • Doing a proper VAT planning
  • Recording, filing and reporting VAT for one’s business
  • Keeping one’s data confidential
  • Helping the clients with the non-statutory clearances
  • Aiming for the accuracy of data to prevent disputes
  • Foreseeing the conflicts and finding the appropriate resolutions
  • Taking care of the risk-management

Vat Consultancy Services in UAE

AMCA will assist you with all the VAT and Excise TAX services which you need to guarantee the submission to the Federal Tax Authority. These services are the following: