Choosing the right VAT consultants in Dubai and the rest of UAE will definitely help one’s business to be well-prepared for the VAT filing. The rules and regulations constantly get updated and most of the business owners are not aware of these changes which lead in the filing of VAT ineffectively. To solve this problem, businesses really need the help of VAT consultants for the most efficient plans in the filing of VAT. The VAT consultants offer their helping hands from the pre-assessment to registration of the VAT and furthermore to the assortment of assets.

AMCA, a licensed tax agency in UAE, will assist you with all the VAT and Excise TAX services which you need to guarantee in the submission to the Federal Tax Authority.

UAE VAT Registration

VAT Registration Assistance

VAT Registration is considered as an essential part in an organization as it boosts the business profile, averts financial penalties, helps to grab a mass market. A business which has been registered for VAT will eventually obtain a unique number released by the authority, known as the tax registration number (TRN).

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VAT Return Filing

It is mandatory to business entities in the UAE to file VAT returns, as per the law given by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). For the submission of the VAT Return Filing, taxable businesses ought to maintain well-organized books to avoid penalties. The taxable individual or a particular individual who has the authority to submit the VAT Return filing on behalf

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VAT Return UAE
UAE VAT Reconsideration

VAT Reconsideration

UAE VAT reconsideration allows a taxable person to appeal for the review of the decision made by the Federal Tax Agency within 20 business days after receiving the penalty. The authority will review the decision and might waive off the VAT late payment penalties if the business had provided a proof

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VAT Training and Advisory

Whether it is the value added tax or other additional taxes, in order to run your business without any glitch, you need to learn several things about the tax regulations and how your business is going to governed by it. Likewise, tax training and advisory will indeed help you to have a fully understanding regarding the VAT

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UAE VAT Training
Tax Amendment

VAT Amendment

Any changes impacting your tax records with the Federal Tax Agency, provided during registration must be informed to the FTA by updating records within 20 business days from the date of occurrence. If changes are made to the form through the "amendment" option, the changes will reflect on the form only after the FTA has approved the amendments.

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VAT De-registration

A registered taxable person is obliged to cancel his VAT registration which is commonly known as “Tax De-Registration.” It refers to the deactivation of the VAT registration, likewise the Tax Registration Number of the taxable person. A person who is registered under VAT ought to apply the tax de-registration.

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Vat Deregistration
Tax Residence Certificate in Dubai

Tax Residence Certificate

A Tax Residence Certificate is a document given by the UAE Ministry of Finance which confirms the proper status of an applicant as a UAE RESIDENT with regard to a specific Double Taxation avoidance agreement (DTT) amongst the UAE and a selected foreign jurisdiction. It is a fundamental document in support to seek the benefits of a DTT.

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