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02 Mar 2023

The best way for businesses to ensure their financial statements give a true and fair view of the business is to have them audited by an external auditor. Generally, companies conduct annual audits only if the Bank requires them or if it is a requirement from a regulatory body, but companies in Dubai can conduct them voluntarily.

Nevertheless, auditing a company's books is essential for its success. Businesses benefit from external audits because they minimize risk, improve systems and processes, and ensure their accounts are free from material errors and fraud. Furthermore, there are a number of reasons why you should not avoid audit in Dubai.

Here are a few reasons why:

What is external audit?

An independent auditor performs several audit procedures required to support the judgment that a company's financial records are complete, relevant, and accurate. A company operating in the UAE must comply with the country's laws.

What are the benefits of hiring an External Auditor.

  • Expertise is required.
    It is not uncommon for internal auditors to need assistance understanding current changes in the business environment, which may result in omissions in Financial Records. As internal auditors are intimately involved in business operations, they may intentionally overlook crucial information, which may negatively impact the profitability of a company. In the event of an external auditor auditing a business, such instances are impossible to occur.
  • Analyzes everything in detail.
    Performing an external audit provides a detailed overview of the business process and confirms that the accounting information is accurate and correct. It would help the management to take corrective actions regarding any slow or faulty procedures when the auditor presents an audit report.
    In addition, external audits allow business owners to improve their accounting process by working closely with external auditors.
  • Assesses the organization's weaknesses.
    Once the audit report has been thoroughly examined, the company's management can decide which processes need to be tweaked. By doing so, management will be able to identify the weaknesses in the process and take the necessary remedial measures.
  • Saves resources and increases efficiency.
    Streamlining all the processes will reduce the chances of wasting time and resources.
  • Unbiased information is provided.
    As External auditors are independent third parties with no affiliation to the company. They are unbiased towards the company and present their reports and corresponding views in such a way.

It is clear from the influx of newly established businesses in the UAE that companies are expected to be the backbone of the economy.

Businesses, however, must constantly be verified to ensure they are what they claim to be. Any company that is publicly held must undergo an audit process. In addition, investors, shareholders, lenders, and the government require audits in the UAE.

Therefore, an organization or business must certify that its financial reports are accurate and have not been subject to window dressing or any material errors of any sort.

Why AMCA Auditing?

At AMCA Auditing, we only offer the best. As financial auditing specialists, we provide our clients with the expertise of chartered accountants, certified public accountants, and chartered certified accountants. Our services include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
    You will not burn a hole in your wallet with AMCA Auditing International's auditing services.
  • International guidelines for standardization
    We comply with global accounting standards for our clients.
  • An extensive background in the industry
    Finance requires a great deal of experience, and with a team of experienced accountants and auditors in Dubai, we can be trusted with every aspect of your business venture.

It is inevitable for every Dubai business to hire an external auditor. Our team of top Dubai auditors delivers impeccable auditing services to ensure seamless operations at AMCA Auditng. Our top-notch auditing services make us the most sought-after auditing company across all industries and sectors.

AMCA is a Ministry of Economy (MOE)-approved and licensed auditor. As a result, we are listed in all major free zones, and our audit reports are also accepted throughout the UAE.

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