FTA to Launch New EmaraTax platform: November Debut Confirmed

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13 Oct 2022

In response to extensive assessments, consultations, and development, the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) will launch the new "EmaraTax" platform in November this year.

Several months of assessment, consultation, and development will precede the launch of the new platform later this year. Nevertheless, EmaraTax marks a significant milestone in FTA's drive to become a leading, digitalized tax administration in full recognition of the UAE's national digital agenda.

With EmaraTax, taxpayers can quickly pay their taxes, get refunds, and access the FTA's services. In addition, as a result of the new platform, the FTA will be able to make better, faster decisions on a tax administration strategy in the UAE and will be able to engage with taxpayers who need assistance earlier.

Through various significant enhancements, EmaraTax provides greater access to FTA services online, offers a simplified and streamlined user experience, and provides extensive self-help and service request options. Among the range of new features, EmaraTax brings to life are features for individual taxpayers, tax agents, legal representatives, diplomatic missions, customs agencies, and verification agencies.

Besides integrating with other influential government entities such as the UAE Central Bank and national technology-based programs such as UAE PASS, the new platform is a modern tax administration ecosystem. By using standard data best, the platform simplifies a wide range of user processes, including logging in and preparing tax returns. 

It's worth mentioning that EmaraTax is mobile-friendly, and the App will be launched shortly after the new platform goes live in November 2022.

In recent months, EmaraTax has been developed to provide taxpayers with a more straightforward, faster, and more transparent way to manage their taxes.

According to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, the new FTA system aligns with UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025 and directives to leverage emerging technologies and establish a robust digital infrastructure for the UAE's business and people.

The FTA will release more information about EmaraTax and the transition process in the coming weeks.

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