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by Sharique Nadeem 30 Aug 2020

"Relinquish what was and grasp what to be."

And the countdown begins.

10 . . .To receive an outstanding reward

9 . . . To eat more foods

8 . . . To be healthy

7 . . . To lose weight

6 . . . To travel the world

5 . . . To try something extreme

4 . . . To bond more with the family

3 . . . To be a better person

2 . . . To be happy

1 . . . To love and be loved

Welcome, 2020!

Everyone is cheering for another year and looking forward to another chapter of their lives. People are expecting to drink a cup of bliss each morning, while at the same time grasping huge amounts of happiness and hopes Well, who is not excited to welcome a new year, right? Having a complete family/relative while watching firecrackers is by all accounts an ideal scenario every first day of the year.

Everything seems to be a wonderful painting and 2020 appears to be a very good year in front of us. However, that was simply during the first seven day stretch of the year, I guess. Since what occurred next earlier this year look as though to be a bad dream. Well, how I wish, this year is only a bad dream and not a reality.

Could you imagine that the world previously had faced diverse cataclysmic events during the first two-quarters of the years? Let us start with the Bush fire in Australia, floods in Indonesia, a volcanic eruption in the Philippines, earthquakes from the different parts of the world, locust swarms in East Africa, parts of India and Asia, and the feared coronavirus which is as of recently torments the entire world.

Since the flare-up of coronavirus, the United Arab Emirates has executed measures to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. Starting today, in spite of the fact that individuals are permitted to head outside and keep on doing their stuff "normally", well truly, this is the new normal nowadays, still, people are strictly reminded of these measures for everybody's security and safety. Additionally, the lives of all are extremely affected by this new norm, might as well the different enterprises, businesses, and organizations.

The Storms After Storm (The New Normal)

Even though what is happening in the world should not and should not be really acceptable, currently, it is becoming normal for everyone to move from one place to another place while bearing in mind this what we called “the new normal”. Businesses in the United Arab Emirates started to go back in their maneuvers, however, there are some challenges that have arisen with their operations due to this CoVid 19.

  1. Closing of Business: Some businesses is at risk during this pandemic, mostly the small businesses.
  2. Cash-Flow Management Organizations are facing operational, financial and liquidity challenges.
  3. Shortage in Goods and Supplies Nowadays, people would normally tend to purchase a lot of goods and supplies that will suffice their needs for a couple of weeks. They tend to do panic buying, and it greatly affects the supply chain of a specific business, mostly those who are in the food industry.
  4. Demands of the Consumers Due to the impact of CoVid 19, everyone is wanted to be heard, to be prioritized, and to be attended. Businesses are now receiving tons of demands from the consumers, mostly now that everything can be acquired through online.
  5. Safety & Security Since most of the industries and organizations in the UAE are now operating 100%, employers and employees are now working face to face. Although, each one of them is following the safety precautions for Covid 19, still they are into a battle with a virus that cannot be seen.

The Rainbow After the Rain

Given that the world is currently facing a pandemic, for the UAE, it should not hinder the lives of everyone. Bringing the positive aspects in life and continuing to be good followers of the government, UAE stays confident that the world can conquer this crisis.

For the industries and organizations which are dealing with the different challenges and risks, bear in mind that everything has a solution.

In AMCA, we are open arms welcoming you to be a part of our family through working with us. For more than a decade, we are known to be committed with excellence and in-depth knowledge about the different industries such as the following:

  • Private Equity
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Power & Utilities
  • Restaurants
  • Asset Management
  • Production & Distribution
  • Advertising, Market Research
  • Nonprofit & Education
  • Travel, Tourism & Leisure
  • Retail/Trade and Logistics
  • Consumer and Industrial Products
  • Industrial Metals & Mining
  • Automotive & Ancillary
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food & Commodities
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunication
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Legal Advisor & Professional Services
  • Construction & Real Estate

Over the years, we are offering our clients a wide range of services such as Auditing & Assurance, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Advisory Services, Business Set-Up & Liquidation. We also offer Data Analysis & IT Solutions. AMCA is also a tax agency which is licensed to operate under Federal Tax Authority