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23 Nov 2022

A Brief Explanation of TECOM Group


What are TECOM Groups

A pioneer in developing strategic, sector-focused business districts across the emirate of Dubai, the TECOM Group has been developing business districts since 1999. Dubai's status as a global business and talent center is well positioned due to the presence of the TECOM Group

In addition to contributing to the diversification of Dubai's economy, TECOM Group consolidates the city's position as a world-class business hub.

With over 100,000 professionals and entrepreneurs, the 10 business districts of TECOM Group accommodate over 7,800 companies covering 6 vibrant industries.

With purpose-built facilities and industry-specific infrastructure, the business districts provide the perfect office space suitable for businesses of any size, from global corporations to local SMEs and start-ups. The following are some of the most important business districts in Dubai: Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Outsource City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai International Academic City, Dubai Science Park, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Industrial City, and Dubai Design District (d3).

Dubai Internet City

The Dubai Internet City is one of the region's most dynamic tech hubs, #WhereMindsClick.

In its view, innovation is a collective process rather than a formula. None do it better than the brilliant minds and businesses that make up the tech community.

Dubai Media City

With its history of 20 years, Dubai Media City has established itself as the region's most credible media community, home to the region's most prestigious global and local media brands. As a result, Dubai is nicknamed "The capital of Arab Media 2020," a city that is a confluence of freelancers, startups, SMEs, and large companies.

Dubai Knowledge Park

Diverse professional development centers and companies offer soft and hard skills training in various areas, including business, culinary, language, coaching, and vocational development.

Dubai Outsource City

Outsourcing and shared service businesses take advantage of commercial spaces and business services tailored to their needs, such as call centers, data centers, back-office operations, etc.

Dubai Production City

Media production, printing, publishing, and packaging are world-class activities offered by Dubai Production City since 2004. In addition to its modern infrastructure, business-friendly environment, and retail and residential developments, the city boasts a vibrant community.

Dubai Industrial City

The Dubai Industrial City offers an integrated ecosystem of industrial land, warehouses, workers' accommodations, offices, showrooms, and open yards.

DI aims to grow and expand the UAE's light and medium manufacturing sectors and adhere closely to the UAE's vision of fast-tracking its industrial expansion.

Dubai Studio City

A Global hub for broadcasting, TV, and film production companies based in cutting-edge facilities. Many industry events and activities are held here and are home to some of the big regional and international powerhouses.

Dubai Science Park

A specialized business district is dedicated to developing research, growth, and innovation in the pharmaceutical, health, wellness, life, human, plant, and material sciences and the environmental and energy sciences.

Dubai International Academic City

By creating an enabling environment for internationally accredited universities in the region, DIAC seeks to cement the region's education excellence.

Dubai Design District (d3)

The Dubai Design District (D3) is a place where design, art, and fashion coexist. Discover new perspectives and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary as you become inspired to discover new perspectives.

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