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10 Jun 2024

Sharjah Healthcare City was established with the objective of transforming the healthcare industry and establishing Sharjah as an influential healthcare destination. Regulated by the Sharjah Healthcare Authority, Sharjah Healthcare City provides healthcare services along with the presence of specialized centers such as cancer centers, surgery centers, cardiac centers, and trauma centers. It is known for having the most investor-friendly business model in the UAE with competent healthcare regulations. This succeeding free zone presents excellent investment opportunities in healthcare and related fields with 100% ownership and tax-free benefits. Its strategic location, competent services, and business environment make Sharjah Healthcare City the perfect destination for establishing businesses. However, in this robust environment, it is also essential to consider the regulatory framework. Approved Auditors in Sharjah Healthcare City play a pivotal role in ensuring that the business entities adhere to the regulations and maintain compliance. Through regular audits, Approved Auditors in Sharjah Healthcare City identify areas of improvement for businesses and integrate financial transparency.

Approved Auditors in Sharjah Healthcare City


A global leader in the accounting and auditing realm, Deloitte is unsurprisingly one of the highly successful Big 4 firms. Holding a strong establishment in different cities across the United Arab Emirates, Deloitte has a deep understanding of the dynamic regulations and regulatory framework of the region. In Sharjah, Deloitte is recognized as a comprehensively exceptional firm providing services of audit, advisory, and tax to several industries.

2. KPMG:

Established in 1987, KPMG is a global leader in audit, tax, advisory, and consulting expertise. It is widely acclaimed for its extensive network and industry expertise that extends internationally. As one of the Big 4 firms, KPMG merges its international network and local expertise to provide exceptional services. It is highly recognized in the UAE, providing audit services to a broad range of domestic and international clients.

3.PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC):

One of the most sought-after firms by multinational corporations and local businesses, PwC adds value to every business through its innovative solutions and insights. PwC delivers quality through its comprehensive services of audit, tax and advisory across the UAE, including Sharjah. It is part of the Big 4 firms in the audit industry and provided services to 87% of the Global Fortune 500 companies in the year 2023.

4.Ernst & Young (EY):

EY has consistently proven its global expertise in the four integrated service lines: assurance, consulting, tax, advisory, strategy, and transactions. Through its deep knowledge of the industry, EY helps enhance transparency and integrity and capitalizes on new opportunities for businesses worldwide, including the UAE.


AMCA stands at the pinnacle of auditing excellence in Sharjah, wherein accuracy and integrity are emphasized to guide businesses toward financial prosperity. Every audit conducted by AMCA is a meticulous journey where each detail is scrutinized to identify errors and areas for improvement. As a reliable auditor with unrivaled expertise, AMCA sets benchmarks for audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services, building enduring partnerships with clients. As one of the exceptionally as well as the acclaimed AMCA’s seasoned professionals safeguard businesses in these free zones by navigating the intricate framework of regulations and standards. Its relentless pursuit of excellence and proactive approach to challenges of businesses from various industries sets AMCA apart and establishes its credibility.

AMCA: Your Partner for Audit Excellence in Sharjah Healthcare City

Sharjah Healthcare City is a flourishing free zone with a framework of regulations and standards guarding its financial integrity. Hence, it is essential to appoint reliable Approved Auditors in Sharjah Healthcare City. This is where AMCA steps in. Being one of the top Approved Auditors in Sharjah Healthcare City and distinguished Approved Auditors in Dubai Healthcare City, AMCA’s professionals are well-equipped with the regulations of these zones and offer expertise backed by commitment and accuracy. Moreover, AMCA also leverages cutting-edge technology, innovation, and analytical tools to increase the efficiency of businesses.

Unlock unparalleled audit solutions in Sharjah Healthcare City with AMCA!

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