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17 May 2024

Sharjah Publishing City is the world’s first free zone dedicated to the global publishing and print industry and is also a premium destination for entrepreneurs and investors. It is a subsidiary of the Sharjah Book Authority and offers a range of integrated services for businesses that are not only limited to the publishing industry but also to various other industries. Sharjah Publishing City Freezone provides over 1,500 business license activities, ranging from publishing and printing to E-commerce, consultancies, and information technology businesses. SPC accounting and auditing services in the UAE are essential to maintain financial integrity, transparency, and compliance for businesses to flourish within this free zone.

Auditing in Sharjah Publishing City

Free Zone Companies in Sharjah Publishing City are required to appoint Sharjah Publishing City auditors (SPC auditor) who are approved by the Authority. Sharjah Publishing City auditors are required to make a report mentioning whether the annual accounts of a company are in accordance with the implementing regulations and whether they are the true and fair representation of the company in case of the balance sheet, profit and loss, account, and annual accounts prepared on a consolidated basis. The audit report by an SPC auditor and annual accounts of the Free Zone Company shall be delivered to the respective Free Zone Department.

Benefits of Appointing Approved Auditors in Sharjah Publishing City Freezone

With its array of advantages ranging from tax exemptions to strategic location, incorporating a business in Sharjah Publishing City is undoubtedly a lucrative choice. However, the role of SPC accounting and auditing services in the UAE is equally significant to earn a competitive advantage and build credibility. An approved auditor in Sharjah Publishing City helps ensure accuracy and transparency in the financial records of a business while also ensuring that these records are in compliance with the accepted international accounting standards and local regulations. The accreditation of an SPC auditor reflects that a business is reliable and significantly increases the confidence of stakeholders and investors. Additionally, the in-depth knowledge of Sharjah Publishing City auditors is crucial for making well-informed decisions and preventing risks.

Why Should You Setup Your Business in Sharjah Publishing City?

  • Complete foreign ownership: Sharjah Publishing City or SPC Freezone provides a beneficial corporate structure with 100% foreign ownership and the exemption for certain taxes. 100% foreign ownership allows full control over a company's operations.
  • Simplified company setup process: Being a one-stop platform for entrepreneurs, Sharjah Publishing City ensures convenience and flexibility to simplify and speed up the business setup process by eliminating hassles.
  • Range of business activities & instant business license: With over 2000+ available business activities, Sharjah Publishing City is the ideal place as it caters to various types of industries and also allows up to 5 business activities to be combined.  
  • Advantageous location & access to international markets: Sharjah Publishing City enjoys a highly strategic location within the globally acclaimed emirate of Sharjah. Sharjah is widely recognized as an industrial hub and a cultural capital of the UAE, and it is the fifth most globally connected country, bordering all six emirates. Hence, businesses in Sharjah Publishing City can benefit from a range of opportunities.
  • No income tax: The favourable tax environment of Sharjah Publishing City Freezone or SPC freezone, with the absence of income tax, offers a financial advantage that helps businesses maximize profits and gain a competitive edge.
  • Zero paid-up share capital: In Sharjah Publishing City, no minimum paid-up share capital is required to establish a business, making it easier to operate the business and allocate resources efficiently.
  • Lease agreement with every business license: SPC Freezone also provides a lease agreement with every business license, making it easier to establish a physical presence.

AMCA: Top-ranked approved auditors in Sharjah Publishing City

approved auditors in sharjha publishing city

AMCA, one of the top approved auditors in Sharjah Publishing City, not only gives your business a competitive edge but also empowers it through sustainable growth and provides assurance of compliance. AMCA provides exceptional SPC accounting and auditing services in the UAE, and its competent auditors ensure that your business is in alignment with international standards and local legislation. They also act as consultants to help you understand your financial position, identify potential risks, and curate well-informed strategies. 

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